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Traffic Tickets


Infractions and Tickets

When you see red flashing lights in the rear view mirror, most of us cringe and wonder how much the ticket or tickets will cost and what is going to happen to insurance rates. An infraction or ticket is not a crime it is a civil violation of the law. You cannot be sent to jail for a ticket the only punishment is a fine. There are two types of infractions, moving violations and nonmoving violations. Generally, moving violations carry a higher fine than non-moving violations. Don’t pay a ticket when you can hire an experienced and aggressive attorney to fight the matter. A simple speeding ticket can result in revocation of your driving privilege as a habitual traffic offender if you have a history of convictions. If you are under the age of 18, a second speeding ticket could result in suspension or revocation of your driving privilege. The attorneys at the Law Office of Anna K. Woods have successfully challenged tickets for more than 27 years.


When you hear the words “traffic violation,” chances are you immediately think of a speeding ticket. Speeding is an infraction, but there are also plenty of other infractions some examples are:

Improper Child Restraint: You must have a car seat for infants and children. Be sure you have an up-to- date car seat for each child and make sure that it is installed properly.

Defective Headlight of Brake light: You can be stopped for an infraction if police see your headlights and brake lights that aren’t working on your vehicle. Make sure your equipment is working.

Exhaust: A broken exhaust pipe, broken muffler or performance exhaust system can all be grounds for an infraction. Pay careful attention to noise regulations when you travel.

Excessive Acceleration: Burning rubber when the light turns green will almost always get the attention of a nearby officer. Fish- tailing around corners or doing donuts in parking lots will attract attention and likely result in a citation.

Expired, Improper or Missing Plates: Make sure your plates and vehicle registration are up to date.

Expired License: If you are pulled over for a moving violation and present an expired license, you may be charged with a driving without a current license.

Failure to Yield: Make sure you know who has the right of way at a four- way stop, at traffic lights and on and off ramps. Police treat this just as harshly as running a red light.

Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle: Always clear the way for emergency vehicles, including police, ambulances and fire engines. If you can’t pull over, remain stationary so the emergency vehicle can maneuver around you.

Failure to Signal Turn: The police will pull you over for not using your turn signal when turning.

Improper Passing: Passing on the shoulder, crossing a double yellow line, passing in a no- passing zone or cutting someone off can all result in a ticket.

No Seatbelt: You can be pulled over simply for not wearing a seatbelt. Make sure everyone in the car is buckled up.

Speeding: Fines for speeding can be doubled in work zones, school zones, and residential areas.

RCW 46.61.400 is the speeding statute. Speeding tickets are infractions that insurance companies track. Speeding tickets can be based on pace, radar, laser, lidar, aircraft or visual estimates. Attorneys at the Law Office of Anna K. Woods are experienced in all types of infractions and tickets and have a very high success rate. The officer does not have to make you sign the ticket; they do not even have to hand the ticket to you. And officer can mail you the ticket after they make their observations.
RCW 46.61.440 is the speeding in a school zone statute. If you have been issued a ticket for speeding in a school zone this is a serious offense. The fine you are subjected to is higher than an ordinary speeding ticket. If you hire the Law Office of Anna K. Woods to fight your speeding or school zone ticket the attorneys will go to court for you. You do not even have to take time out of your day to appear they will fight to keep the ticket off your driving record. Anna K. Woods and her team are responsive to your needs, aggressive to the prosecution, and passionate about successful results. Ms. Woods has been in practice for 26 years and is dedicated to getting successful results for her clients. Reasonable, flat fees and credit cards accepted. The best defense is a strong offense the attorneys at the Law Office of Anna K. Woods offer aggressive and effective representation.

Insufficient Speed:

Speeding will get you a ticket, but driving slowly can get you one as well, unless there is a mechanical problem with your car. Stay above posted minimum speed limits, and use your emergency flashers if a mechanical problem or weather conditions force you to drive slower than the minimum speed.

Wrong Way:

Keep an eye out for one-way streets. Your GPS system can get you into trouble if you follow the directions without looking where you are going.

Failure to Stop:

You must come to a full and complete stop at stop signs and flashing red lights. Even if there is nobody else on the road, stop your vehicle and count to three before you start moving again. California stops are not legal in Washington.


While most non-moving violations are less serious than moving violations they do result in fines.

Improper Display of Plate: If your license plate is obscured, damaged or otherwise difficult to read, you could be ticketed.

Obstruction of Roadway: Pay careful attention to where and how you park. As a rule, parking is never allowed on state highways and high- traffic roads. Make sure your vehicle isn’t blocking driveways, sidewalks or the road.


Those with Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) must follow higher standards than other drivers. If you do have a CDL you must:

  • Let your employer know within 24 hours if your CDL is revoked, suspended, or canceled.
  • Let your employer know within 30 days if you get any traffic tickets.
  • Provide the Department of Licensing (DOL) with proof of insurance from your employer if your personal driver’s license is revoked or suspended.
  • Notify the DOL of all out- of-state traffic violations within 30 days via mail at the address below:

Department of Licensing
P.O. BOX 9030
Olympia, WA 98507-9030

CDL Suspensions
If you have two serious traffic infractions arising out of separate incidents within three years your CDL license will be disqualified for 60 days. If you have three or more serious traffic infractions arising out of separate incidents your CDL license will be disqualified for 120 days.


What is a serious traffic offense?

  • Speeding 15 miles per hour or more above the posted limit.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Any traffic violation, other than parking violations that result in a fatal accident or collision.
  • Driving a commercial or motor vehicle without a commercial driver license or without the proper endorsement.
  • Negligent driving.
  • Following too closely.
  • Failing to stop.
  • Failing to yield the right of way.
  • Driving too fast for conditions.
  • Improper lane change or travel.
  • Improper overtaking on the right or left.
  • Improper driving to the left of center of the roadway.

Related Law

  • WAC 308-108-130: Serious traffic violations

How do I re-qualify?

  • Pass the Commercial Driver License (CDL) knowledge and driving tests.
  • For hazardous materials endorsement, pass a separate knowledge test (We also may require you to show us a letter from the Transportation Security Administration stating you passed their background check.)
  • Pay the $20 re-qualification fee.

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  • RCW 46.25.010(18):Definitions.